Bottles and jars on the right tracks

The Separator allows bottles and/or jars to be distributed between up to four tracks without changing the production speed. With its fast industrial image processing in combination with the corresponding SPS-programming, Bertram’s system works so flexibly that it can handle all standard tasks. Resulting, in essence, from the shape and number of bottles and/ or jars, and their allocation to the correct tracks.

Bertram’s bottle separator consists of a powerful industrial image processor, that is controlled by a pre-programmed, ready to use IPC-control system and a servomotor driven Allocator. Individual adjustments to the respective applications can be made directly on the module, either through an integrated touch screen, a USB connection with an external keyboard, or, the most convenient, remotely from your PC. We use forward-looking technology based on real-time ethernet, in the form of Profinet-communication at the input/ output level.

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