Visualisation: Faster and easier to operate machines

Machines and systems can only reach their full productivity, if the people who operate them use them properly and maintain complete control. There is a good reason that sophisticated visualisation holds high importance in automation technology. Productivity and availability increase when the operation and observation solutions are precisely coordinated to the respective processes. Every machine operator is in a position to independently carry out a job-change with Bertram’s visualisation solutions. Special diagnosis screens are available to maintenance and service personnel to ensure efficient handling.

We are putting established Siemens’ systems and Wonderware on the market for conceptualisation and visualisation solutions.

  • Simatic WinCC flexible

    Siemens’ innovative, flexible and expandable visualisation software is believed in for all Simatic operation units for and its very high development efficiency. Simatic ProAgent enables a secure process diagnosis.
  • Simatic WinCC

    The Scada-System Simatic WinCC, which can be accessed from several workplaces, makes process visualisation more approachable, open and flexible. The software offers the highest functionality and a user friendly operation unit with an integrated process databank. Users benefit from its openness in the office and in production. A large number of options and add-ons complete and expand the scope of service.
  • Wonderware InTouch

    InTouch - the Scada software from Wonderware - offers visualisation at the highest level. These well designed standard driven systems maximise productivity, improve quality and even lower development, maintenance and operation costs. InTouch is also one of the market leaders in industrial automation, due to its simplicity of operation and seamless upwards compatibility.