Electrical Engineering

To ensure that a production system is going to be effective, all mechanical, electrical and electronic processes in the command and control concept need to coordinate with each other. Bertram offers complete modular concepts, using the latest technology, from machine level measuring and control systems all the way up to production control systems and management.

Intelligent sensors and actuators with a direct fieldbus connection save the amount of cabling in big systems and provide the necessary flexibility for expansion and adaption. Decentralised command and control units accelerate data exchange with superior operating and observation stations and allow integration into the process control system, where all the information converges. Even initially small solutions have a possibility to be integrated into complete concepts in a company-wide production system. Avoiding isolated applications ensures a safe long term investment.

The biggest trump card is our flexibility to completely adapt to our customers wishes. Bertram offers its business partners analysis, development, planning, construction, installation and start-up from one source.

The Bertram specialist’s goal is to produce safe, reliable and easily understandable systems. The size of the task does not affect their motivation – whether it is to control single machines or to automate complete industrial systems, their maxim is always: to find the optimal solution for the specific case.