Robotics: Efficiency in Handling

Robots are indispensable in the aspect of flexibility, productivity and efficiency in the installation and handling techniques. The application spectrum of robot cells has increasingly broadened and become more sophisticated in recent years. Robotics is no longer a domain purely in the automobile industry. There are exciting and innovative applications now in packaging, assembly and handling techniques. Bertram principally works with solutions from the market leader KUKA and ABB.

Our range of tasks as system manufacturers includes the complete planning and implementation of robot cells, whereby we can insert articulated arm or SCARA robots and pickers, the so-called tripods or Delta robots, depending on the application. We offer our customers complete solutions, including system manufacture, robot control programming as well as integration of the robots into the system control and control level. Our comprehensive know-how in industrial image processing allows us to offer robot vision systems as efficient technical solutions to be used to sort and package. We provide points to improve the efficiency and productivity in factory automation.