Allocator: Increased quality

Allocators are integral parts of inline-sorting, above all, in bottling plants and the food and drink industry. Due to the high production speed, modern systems work with powerful control systems, highly dynamic drive technology and precise industrial image processing. We have developed our own Allocator based on our comprehensive know-how of the container glass manufacturing process. This combines image processing, SPS and servo-motor drive technology into a compact and easy to integrate unit.

The function principle is, in essence, based on a rotary, eccentric allocation wheel, that can transport bottles, as an example, independent of their load and with a smooth movement, to a parallel conveyor track. An industrial image processor, such as our separator, determines, according to a predefined analysis framework, which container is to be transferred. This can be dependent on quality characteristics such as label position, bottle colour, or closure position.

In its Allocator, Bertram is deliberately passing on the any of the usual pneumatic solutions. As the rotary servo-method works considerably faster, wear-free and due to the fact that it goes without expensive compressed air, far more energy efficient.

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