From S5 to S7: If a change is pending

We, as control engineering experts, will support you through the migration from the old Siemens’ S5-control system to the current S7 world. Why should you convert? The application of modern SPS-technology leads to an increase of productivity due to a higher tact rate and an improvement of the product quality because of increasing precision. We are your engaged and competent partner, because, as a Siemens Solution Partner, we know how to carry out the change quickly and effectively.

Further advantages of a punctual change:

  • Product traceability
  • Unbroken production parameter documentation
  • Integration and utilisation of the S7 world with respect to product liability
  • Optimisation of production planning, in combination with the MES system, for example
  • Compliance to current norms and legislation (eg. FDA)
  • Spare part security
  • Worldwide availability