Glass industry: Cristal clear automation

There are processes in the glass industry, as well as the food and drink processing industries, where bottles and jars need to be precisely orientated. For this reason, SPS-systems need to be programmed and systems in the industrial image processing field need to be designed. Typical examples are in bottling, quality control, sealing, labelling, packing or palleting. So that the rotational “positioning” takes place quickly and efficiently, we have developed an Orientator which can turn containers to the exact position desired, with the help of camera controlled, completely automated turning gear. You can read about this intelligent industrial image processing system solution in more detail here.

Further examples of Bertram’s industrial skills are found in the so called “cold end” of production, principally in the material flow. Bertram found solutions and developed innovative systems that sort bottles and jars according to their form, colour, size or embossings. More information about the separator can be found here. You can read about how containers can be divided without interrupting the product flow in the section “Allocator”.

Examples of automation, image processing and SPS-programming solutions from Bertram are: