Precisely and quickly orientates glass

Bertram combines precise and highly dynamic servo drive technology with quick industrial image processing. Using this, we have developed a machine that orientates bottles and jars with extreme accuracy. The in-line ‘Orientator with a recognition system’ can turn up to 500 containers per minute into a desired position. The belt Orientator (or belt orienter), which holds the Lower Saxony Handwork Innovation prize, efficiently and smoothly turns containers to the desired position for the following production step. Palletising, filling, capping or labelling machines can then work considerably faster. In summary, productivity increases, if nothing else, through the skillful exploitation of industrial image processing.


The completely automated bottle Orientator combines the three process steps: separation; recognising the current position; and positioning into the desired position in a compact combination from calculation based image processing and motion application optimised Simatic T-CPU. The space saving structure makes it possible for the machine to be easily integrated even into existing conveyor systems.

The products enter the machine on a conveyor belt. It is firstly guaranteed by the spacers that a minimum gap is maintained between the products. The guides then bring the speed of the containers back up to match the conveyor belt speed ensure they remain stable. The Simatic T-CPU records the products with a photo cell and triggers the product orientation evaluation at a given point using the BV-system. The industrial image processing system recognises the position of the container in a three dimensional model using three cameras and predefined characteristics, and from this it generates the necessary correction angle, that is used by the T-CPU, to parameterise and trigger the turning process in the Orientator. The respective orientation direction depends on the shortest distance to the destination angle, according to the industrial image processor’s recording. To ensure that the products remain stable at this point as well, the turn station works at the same speed as the aforementioned conveyor belt. As a Siemens partner, Bertram holds a high level of drive and automation technology as well as SPS-programming know-how along with their expertise in industrial image processing.

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