We work mechatronically in mechanical engineering

Trunk splitting and optimisation systems, loading facilities, tray systems, veneer clippers, handling, stacking and sorting devices - these are all examples of specialised machines that Bertram has developed for the wood industry. The systems work productively and reliably all over the world. Our solutions are valued in the glass industry as well- for example in the area of industrial image processing or programming SPS-systems - to sort and orientate hollow glass products.

Bertram’s success comes from the fact that we work in transdisciplinary teams. Drive technology, SPS-programming, electrical engineering, microprocessor technology, measurement and control technology, industrial image processing, as well as process visualisation form the mechatronic. We have established the technical and organisational basis to complete a project quickly, efficiently and target orientated, using this holistic approach. Bertram’s particular strength is to consider individual customer wishes on a daily basis, documented in the fact, among other things, that specialised machines are developed and built, along side the control and automation machines with SPS-programming and industrial image processing. Our close contact with our customers in the planning and implementation stages ensures that it is efficiently manufactured and shortens the delivery time.