Peeled veneer: peeled perfectly from the trunk

We have decades of expertise and experience in the peeled veneer industry. Our well-founded knowledge of manufacturing and processing wafer thin veneers from precious woods give us an array of unique characteristics: we rank among the small number of professionals worldwide, who build peeled veneer production lines that include the necessary SPS-programming, in applying modern industrial image processing systems as well as in building required specific machines. Our expertise are often sought after to retrofit existing systems. We bring these to the most up to date state of drive and control technology with the goal of reaching optimal productivity.

Productivity, reliability and above all excellent veneer quality are the critical factors in a new build, conversion or expansion. Our customers know why they come to Bertram. Our expertise in SPS-programming and the wider field of application of industrial image processing are just two aspects. We know the special features of the natural material of wood. We love its shape and unique design. Passion and a lot of knowledge about all of the processes that the raw material goes through until it is ready to process veneer is required. We are a partner for the whole supply line in the manufacturing process of peeled veneers. Our efforts begin with single trades and go all the way to the coordinating role of a general contractor.

Our individual skills are:

  • Automation solutions including SPS-Programming for the lumber yard, above all in trunk handling, optimal trunk splitting, debarking and complete material handling.
  • Heating and temperature regulating in the steaming pits, that make the trunks smooth and supple before the veneer peeling.
  • Integration of individual machines in the factory control system
  • For example: centring; peeling machines; veneer clippers; stackers; and storage space for finished veneers.
  • Project planning, building and automatising, trunk transport, centring, peeling machine, rewinding, magazining, unwinding, veneer clippers to cut the veneer strips into leaves and stackers for wet and dry veneers.
  • Integration of systems to industrial image processing
  • Space optimisation with scanners in the framework of industrial image processing
  • Comprehensive retrofit work - for example the change from Simatic S5 to S7 as well as the integration of energy efficient drive systems.