Our speciality: SPS-programming and industrial image processing

Production systems can only work efficiently and reliably if all mechanical and electrical processes in the control engineering concept are coordinated. From machine orientated measurement and control engineering to production management and control systems: Bertram Elektrotechnik works continuously and modularly with both SPS-Programming and a choice of hardware elements while always using the newest technology. In doing this, our biggest trump card is our flexibility to always adjust to our customers wishes. This is how Bertram offers its business partners everything from one source: from analysis and project planning, to production, montage and start-up, and to after sales service. At the same time it refers back to standard products from leading manufacturers wherever it is possible and practical - for example, in the areas of automation solutions and industrial image processing.

The goal for Bertram specialists is to make reliable, efficient and easily understandable systems, and they are highly motivated, no matter the size of the automation task. Whether it concerns the control of single machines or automatising whole industrial systems, our maxime is: to always find the optimal solution for each respective application - this is not only valid for hardware project planning and SPS-programming, but also for designing industrial image processing.

Economical wiring needs in large systems are met, due to intelligent sensors and actuators with a direct fieldbus connection and the decentralised nature of the automatisation solutions, ensure the necessary flexibility for the expansion and adaptation. Decentralised control engineering, which is coupled with the industrial network, accelerates the rate of data exchange between superior control and monitoring stations and enables the integration into process management systems, in which all information converges. Even for initially small solutions, there are many possibilities to integrate them later into the whole concept with a company wide production planning system. Isolated solutions are therefore avoided and the investment is secure for the long term.