Food: Material handling ensures availability

Visualisation and automation - these are two areas of expertise where big multinational food manufacturers appreciate Bertram. We have numerous proven solutions in the fields of control engineering, SPS-programming, drive engineering, industrial image processing, engineering as well as in control cabinet manufacturing. One of our specialties is the material flow between different production and packing systems within the food industry. We carry out important tasks in the linking of individual modules. Our customer’s projects to retrofit existing systems are aimed to work in the same way: better; faster; more productive; easier to maintain; more modern. These conditions are obvious to us and, therefore, don’t pose a problem in respect to the possible solutions, that the SPS-programming, intelligent drive engineering or industrial image processing offer. BV-Systems, in particular, have become increasingly important in recent years.

Examples of applications in the food industry are:

  • Developing transport and linking lines with buffer storage to ensure flexible operation
  • SPS-Programming for optimal automation
  • Visualisation with information about the product flow and statistics of the line efficiency as well as error protocol
  • Guide system connection
  • Industrial image processing for quality control
  • Databank supported products and batch traceability
  • Retrofit by the mechanic as well as control and drive engineering