Cristal clear vision for quality control

Inline quality management can be automated efficiently with modern vision systems. However, in many areas of manufacturing the personal experience and integrity of the human eye cannot be replaced, light screens are therefore still used in container glass inspection. Our new system is designed to offer the best possible work ergonomics and integration into existing systems.

Light screens are still one of the most effective pieces of equipment for product inspection and quality control. Bertram’s new light screen offers a solution that is easy to integrate, simple to operate and very ergonomical. The light screen is perfect for the visual inspection of containers of different shapes, sizes and colours, as it can be dimmed continuously allowing very precise adjustment.

The Bertram light screen has a large light area where the brightness can be dimmed continuously and has an internal vertical blind which can be positioned so that only the necessary area is lit. This allows the operator to adjust the light optimally for inspection and his eyes. There is also another dimmable light from above the container. This combination allows the light to be set and adjusted very precisely, ensuring that faults in the glass can be recognized reliably and quickly regardless of the shape and colour of the glass. The new light screen, made of antistatic Plexiglass, ensures a clear view through all types of glass, except for black glass, for which we offer a specialized system.