Innovative, stable and efficient product division

The variations in the criteria for sorting products are so diverse that the requirement for reliable product separation in running production, packaging and pick-and-place processes is continually rising. The Allocator X allows products to be divided, directly out of the product flow, onto different tracks without reducing the line speed. This new design concept ensures, along with the linear drive technology, that the module works quickly, reliably and energy efficiently.

Vertical rather than horizontal: we really thought outside of the box with the ALLOCATOR X as we tipped the linear transport system 90 degrees. The drive module is at the heart of the new division system, which guides containers quickly, quietly and energy efficiently out of the product flow onto the chosen track. The classic application of the ALLOCATOR X is in the cold end of the glass manufacturing industry.

There are virtually no mechanical parts in the Allocator X, as the lineal movement is generated by a magnetic field in the motor unit. The moving parts, called “Movers”, which run on guide rails can be controlled individually or relative to one another over the IPC. The system works so flexibly that the Allocator X Movers are activated independently of each other by an upstream recognition system, such as our Separator. This need-based operation considerably reduces the energy consumption and wear as well as being much quieter in comparison to constantly rotating chain systems. Furthermore, due to the simple design with few moving parts, the maintenance requirements are significantly reduced in comparison to mechanical systems with belts, bands or rotating spindles.